WWU VNISRD Release Status

The VNISRD is in an early beta state. Please do not distribute links to the test server outside of your working group. Bug reports, feature requests, and instrument filter set submissions are all very welcome. Please send them directly by email to

near-term feature implementation plans

known issues

patch notes

v0.34 (2020-02-16)
v0.33 (2020-12-31)
v0.32 (2020-12-29)
v0.31 (2020-12-24)
v0.3 (12/21/2020)
v0.24 (12/14/2020)
v0.23 [closed beta release] (12/11/2020)
v0.22 (12/10/2020)
v0.21 (12/8/2020)
v0.2 (2/7/2020)
v0.1 (1/31/2020)